[Flac-dev] stdint.h on Solaris 7

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+la at mega-nerd.com
Sat Dec 27 15:57:37 PST 2008

Roland Haeder wrote:

> First of all you need a lot packages from sunfreeware.com
> If you have installed the required packages you may end up with an error
> that says there is no stdint.h on your system.
> On an other forum I have read upgrading to Solaris 10 "fixes" this
> problem but that might not being an option to many people for their
> different reasons.
> Well, I just rewrote include/share/alloc.h, line 32 from stdint.h to
> inttypes.h and it fixes!

Both <inttypes.h> and <stdarg.h> are part of the 1999 ISO C Standard
(yes, a standard that is now 10 years old). Any compiler which has one
or the other missing does not comply with the standard.

> Maybe you can try it and then fix in your lib?

Maybe you can ask SUN to fix their compiler.

Erik de Castro Lopo
"Within C++, there is a much smaller and cleaner language struggling
to get out." -- Bjarne Stroustrup

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