[Flac-dev] OS X FLAC Frameworks + 5.1 channel order

Arek Korbik arkadini at gmail.com
Wed May 10 10:48:02 PDT 2006


First - XiphQT uses libFLAC and libFLAC++, which are built as
Mac-specific Framework bundles (libs + public API headers), which in
turn are distributed with binary XiphQT releases, or framework
binaries can be downloaded separately. As I don't have access to the
FLAC source repository, the Xcode build files can be found on:
if you would like to add it to your repository. It builds the two
aforementioned frameworks out-of-the-box, but without assembly code.
As OS X got multi-platform, and OS X developer tools seem to include
nasm by default, somebody could probably have a look. I'd be glad to
have those frameworks built with optimised code, and am willing to
help with that - as long as the frameworks work properly on both
platforms in result.

Second is a question of channel layout mappings for FLAC files with
more than 2 channels. Vorbis I, section 4.3.9 defines default
interpretation (mapping 0) for several cases, including 5.1 surround.
Are there any guidelines or suggestions for FLAC files? There was a
discussion about channel mappings couple of years ago, but without any
definitive conclusions.

I've just added support for Vorbis mappings to XiphQT and I'd really
like to be able to add similar functionality for FLAC too. Any
thoughts on that?


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