[Flac-dev] Re: Website

Arc arc at Xiph.org
Mon Dec 6 11:34:46 PST 2004

On Mon, Dec 06, 2004 at 12:33:19PM -0600, Paul Bryson wrote:
> The second would be for projects that want to maintain their old design. 
> This involves the simple addition of a "banner" across the top that 
> contains some type of Xiph branding.  This would be a lot like what is at 
> the top of http://www.speex.org/

I don't want to see us become a monolithic "pod culture".  A banner at 
the top, as we've done in the past, is thus a good plan IMHO.

I also feel it important to seperate "technical" from "public".  I'd 
like, ie, ogg.org to be used for a public outreach site, ala mp3.com.  
Much like what vorbis.com is being used for now.

I think that vorbis.com/.org, theora.org, etc should be media outlet 
sites.  Splash and boom, look how awesome it is!  This is how you use 
it!  Wow, look at all this software.  ogg.org could be a frontend for 

xiph.org should have technical information and project updates.  Ala 
"Ogg Traffic".  The sites you are working on so far look just like that 
- information on Xiph, why we do what we do, press outreach, mailing 
lists, how to contribute, bugtracker, wiki... 


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