[Flac-dev] FLAC Website

Paul Bryson paul at msn.com
Mon Dec 6 10:33:19 PST 2004

Hello FLAC developers,

I'm one of the Xiph webmasters and I wanted to get some input from you guys 
for how you feel about some ideas that were being kicked around.  There is 
some need to redesign the Xiph.org website into something that is more 
useful, organized, and accessible.  There is also a push to redo parts of 
the Xiph branding with new logos, mottos, etc to clear up consumer confusion 
over what Xiph is.

While this redesign is being done, it offers the opportunity to unify the 
Xiph project websites into a complementary design.  This is not a 
requirement by any means, but it would make administration of the project's 
websites much easier.  It would also make navigation between projects easier 
for users as there wouldn't be a need to reorient themselves each time.

Initial ideas offer two simultaneous solutions.  The first would be to move 
all of the current website information for each project into a standard, but 
highly customizable template.  The underlying HTML layout would be identical 
but the look and feel for each website would be customized through the use 
of CSS.

The second would be for projects that want to maintain their old design. 
This involves the simple addition of a "banner" across the top that contains 
some type of Xiph branding.  This would be a lot like what is at the top of 

While the first solution is most desirable in the grand scheme of things, it 
is not something that we want to pressure onto anyone.  As always, projects 
are free to move at their own pace and the direction that they feel is best.

So my question to you would be how do you feel about all of these ideas?

A few screenshots of concept designs are available here:

Comments and suggestions are much appreciated.


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