[Flac-dev] Python wrappers for libflac

Dave david.collett at dart.net.au
Fri Aug 13 16:48:08 PDT 2004

Hi all,
I've written some python wrappers for parts of libflac, namely the  file
encoder, file decoder and metadata interfaces. The wrappers were built
with the help of "swig".

The interface is supposed to be very close to the C API, but OO-ised
(like the C++ API) and python-ised. It has some funky features like
being able to write your callbacks for encoding/decoding in python and
treating the vorbis comment block like a dictionary to easily add,
modify and delete tags.

I have included farly complete example code in the release which shows
how to:
- play a file (uses python libao bindings)
- encode a file (complete with seektable and VC blocks)
- read/edit metadata blocks

I encourage anyone interested to have a quick look at the example code,
it just so purdy :)

I dont really have any doco for it, but the interface should be
intuitive (I hope) for anyone familiar with the C API. There may be
missing features and bugs which are not tested in the example code.
Please send me any bug reports of feature requests to me.

I have attached the code (12K), you can also find it here:

David Collett

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