[Flac-dev] VHDL Implementation?

Alijah Ballard ABallard at iname.com
Tue May 7 20:38:02 PDT 2002

I'm currently looking to start my working on my major project for 
College. I want to create an audio CD archival/ playback server. There 
will be a base server and also several satellite players. I will be 
building a secondary server for my car. And in the car power is at a 
premium so I wanted true hardware support (unlike phatnoise which is 
software based). The car will support both playback and archival. There 
will be a wireless (802.11a?) link between both servers which will sync 
when in range.

I found this link:   http://www.celoxica.com/home.htm
They have a C to (V)HDL converter. I'm just now learning VHDL and was 
wondering if anyone has tried to implement it yet. If so I would like to 
see your code for reference/starting point.
Thanks in advance
Alijah Ballard

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