[Flac-dev] I/O callbacks

Christer Palm palm at nogui.se
Sun Jan 27 14:53:03 PST 2002


I'm trying to implement a FLAC plug-in for the xine media player 
(http://xine.sf.net), and I'm facing the same problem as Daniel Souza 
posted about some time ago. Xine's audio decoder plugin framework is 
"pushing" data to the decoder, which obviously doesn't work very well 
with libFLAC's callback-oriented design.

Additionally, it would be nice if libFLAC had the ability to work 
directly on application-provided buffers to avoid having to copy data in 
and out of libFLAC's internal buffers.

Does anyone have any suggestions, plans or work-in-progress to address 
those issues?

Christer Palm

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