[Flac-dev] Bug#130041: xmms: shlibs file needs tighter dependency

Matt Zimmerman mdz at debian.org
Sat Jan 19 19:09:02 PST 2002

Package: xmms
Severity: serious

On Sat, Jan 19, 2002 at 08:45:29PM -0500, Asheesh Laroia wrote (to flac-dev):

> This is mostly to Matt Zimmerman.  The xmms package in unstable was
> updated to 1.2.6-1; that's fine.
> Then I noticed my XMMS would no longer play FLAC files.  I run testing,
> not unstable, I thought.  What could have happened?
> That change was propagated into testing without an xmms-flac update!  Huh?
> This makes me wonder: xmms-flac 1.0.2-1 should depend on xmms = 1.2.5.  I
> think because this dependency wasn't listed, I'm in the mess I'm in now.
> Matt, am I making any sense?  In any event, the xmms-flac package does
> need to be recompiled for xmms 1.2.6.  But how *are* the dependencies set?

When the xmms-flac package is built, it uses a control file (the "shlibs"
file) to determine the appropriate dependency to use to get an acceptable
version of the libxmms shared library.  Currently, that file (kept in the
xmms package) specifies that the proper dependency is just "xmms", meaning
that any version of xmms will do.  If you're curious about the details, read
section 9.1 of the Debian Policy Manual[0].

Apparently, this is not the case if it stopped working.  As you can see, I'm
filing a bug against xmms about this, as this needs to be fixed in the xmms
package.  I will wait until that is fixed before building new FLAC packages,
so that this doesn't happen again in the future.

[0] http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/

 - mdz

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