[Flac-dev] Re: xmms-flac problem

Matt Zimmerman mdz at debian.org
Tue Jan 22 19:53:03 PST 2002

On Tue, Jan 22, 2002 at 09:16:28PM -0500, Asheesh Laroia wrote:

> I have MP3 files and FLAC files in my playlist.  It's about 800-900 tracks
> long.
> I'll start XMMS 1.2.6, and it'll work for some arbitrary amount of FLAC
> files.  Usually, that's between twenty and a hundred.  Then, with no
> warning, it will skip over all the FLAC files and play only the MP3s.  I
> must then close and restart XMMS.  It's as if it disables the plugin
> internally for some reason.
> When I restart XMMS, FLAC files work for the first twenty to hundred
> files.  And then it only plays the MP3s.  Repeat, ad infinitum.

This sounds like it could be related to FLAC's stream decoder, and maybe not
to XMMS at all, since the MP3 plugin continues to work.  Are you certain
that it didn't happen with a previous XMMS, and that it didn't perhaps start
with FLAC 1.0.2?

I can't exactly reproduce your setup...I don't even have any MP3s, only
Oggs, and I don't currently have any sound output devices connected, but I
tested the FLAC plugin itself by decoding a FLAC file about 75 times so far,
and it has not shown any sign of trouble.  So the plugin definitely works
with 1.2.6, at least the decoding portion.  As I understand XMMS, the input
plugin should be unaffected by which output plugin is selected.

(copying to flac-dev for comment...Josh?)

 - mdz

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