[Flac-dev] using vorbiscomments with metaflac not utf8-encoded

Mattias Dahlberg mdati00 at student.vxu.se
Thu Aug 8 08:22:05 PDT 2002

Using metaflac (1.0.3) like this:

metaflac file.flac --set-vc-field=title=testÅÄÖåäöeè

The vorbiscomment will not be UTF8-encoded, instead
they will be stored directly as ANSI. 

When trying to add some more comment, it gave the
following error:

ERROR: writing FLAC file file.flac, error =

Does that mean that weren't enough room for the
comments? But shouldn't it then rewrite the entire
file and perhaps add an extra padding block (I
believe OggVorbis does this).

And, it would be really nice if at least the
Winamp-plugin could display these vorbiscomments. 

Even better if there where a handy tageditor (like
the one for the OggVorbis-plugin).

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