[Flac-dev] using vorbiscomments with metaflac not utf8-encoded

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 8 10:44:04 PDT 2002

--- Mattias Dahlberg <mdati00 at student.vxu.se> wrote:
> Using metaflac (1.0.3) like this:
> metaflac file.flac --set-vc-field=title=testÅÄÖåäöeè
> The vorbiscomment will not be UTF8-encoded, instead
> they will be stored directly as ANSI. 

yes, metaflac is currently not doing utf-8 encoding.
the same libutf8 from libvorbis is in the flac source
tree but it's not hooked up yet.

> When trying to add some more comment, it gave the
> following error:
> ERROR: writing FLAC file file.flac, error =
> Does that mean that weren't enough room for the
> comments? But shouldn't it then rewrite the entire
> file and perhaps add an extra padding block (I
> believe OggVorbis does this).

yes, it should rewrite.  you may have found a bug
but there's not enough info for me to tell.  if you
can come up with some reproducible steps for me to
try I can look into it.

> And, it would be really nice if at least the
> Winamp-plugin could display these vorbiscomments. 
> Even better if there where a handy tageditor (like
> the one for the OggVorbis-plugin).

yep, these are all on the TODO list.  but I'll take
patches if anyone wants to volunteer.


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