[Flac-dev] command-line: AIFF writer advice

David Collett jg at webone.com.au
Wed Aug 7 01:09:04 PDT 2002

On Wed, 2002-08-07 at 10:13, Brady Patterson wrote:
> This is in response to David's suggestion about FLAC support in libaudiofile.
> The dependency is only circular from a certain viewpoint, since the flac
> command-line utility is distinct from the library.


> However, if flac support is built into libaudiofile, the flac command-line
> utility becomes fairly pointless, I think.  A better thing then would be an
> audiofile command-line utility (which may already exist).

as a player/decoder yes... but as a fully configurable encoder,
flac(exe) is probably still handy

> Of course, that would be fairly similar to sox, but that's irrelevant here
> unless/until sox supports flac.
> On a separate note, looking at the audiofile homepage, it is unclear to me how
> well it will work on MS platforms (not that they matter to me personally).

I was wondering this myself after playing with audiofile last week.
There is no mention of win32 support on the webpage or anywhere in the
distribution tarball. There is however a "win32" directory in the cvs
tree. Dont know how up-to-date it is tho.

Although not as widely known, I think that libsndfile
(http://www.zip.com.au/~erikd/libsndfile/) is probably an even better
library for the same purpose, and more actively maintained, FLAC support
is even in the format wishlist on that page.


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