[Flac-dev] FLAC format

Ingo Ralf Blum ingoralfblum at gmx.de
Tue Oct 2 03:55:01 PDT 2001

Hi Daniel,

> I'm writing this message to talk about the FLAC format. The GUIs for the
> Audio Codec Manager, including Winamp and Windows Media Player for decoding
> and CodAxe for encoding, can use any format with a codec registered in the
> system using the RIFF file format. In this ACM codec's implementation, all
> data, including the "fLaC" marker and the metadata blocks, is placed by the
> Audio Codec Manager encoder's GUI in the RIFF's data area. Actually, I
> couldn't find any other way for doing this. The inconvenient is that the
> files written this way can't be read by any other than the Audio Codec
> Manager.

another question. Does FLAC need the metadata at the beginning of a file. Assume
you open a FLAC file in VirtualDub, for example. When you cut out the first half
of the WAV and the write out an AVI, the first half of the data is missing,
which includes the fLaC magic number and the metadata. Is this file still
readable then? I think you should put the marker and the metadata into the

I don't know if you do this, but you said, that all data is placed in the data



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