[Flac-dev] XMMS plugin doesn't see ID3V2 tags

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 2 11:53:04 PDT 2001

--- Asheesh Laroia <paulproteus at technologist.com> wrote:
> I tagged some FLAC files with ID3V2 information (by the id3v2
> program),
> but their metadata does not show up in XMMS.
> Anyone else have this problem?
> Anyone have a solution?
> (I tested the tags using the --list option of id3v2; they are there. 
> and the FLAC plugin just don't seem to respect them.)

Both XMMS and Winamp plugins currently only read id3v1 tags.
id3v2 support is on the TODO list here:


If you code feel free to add it since I may not be able to
get to it for a while.

However, the files should play fine... if they don't then
that's a decoder bug for not skipping over them properly.
Do they play OK?


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