[Flac-dev] ERROR: mismatch in decoded data, verify FAILED!

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 24 14:30:56 PDT 2001

> > I also had this verify error encoding a wav I ripped from a CD. I
> didn't
> > report this as it happended on flac running on debian linux
> -current unstable.
> > This error happened only with one track of a CD I was ripping.
> > 
> > Another reason for me not reporting this was, that flac 1.0 running
> on OpenBSD
> > 2.9 encoded the wav with no error.. maybe this is linux-specific.
> > 
> > Now this is how it looked..
> > 
> > --snip--
> > 
> > [...]
> > ERROR: mismatch in decoded data, verify FAILED!
> > [...]
> > ERROR during encoding, state =
> This error appeared in the other report as well.  It looks like a
> memory
> allocation failure is the cause of the problem. 

There have been reports of -9 using huge amounts of memory.
-9 is really theoretical, but people always seem to want to
try the max setting.  Anyway, that's not an excuse but
figuring out why -9 is using so much memory is lower on my
list than other stuff.  -8 should get within 0.01% of -9
and is pretty reliable.

If you're getting this error without -9, then there is
a more serious problem.  If flac 0.10 works on openbsd
then my hunch is that there is an arithmetic overflow
in one of the assembly routines in the decoder, since
I don't think the assembly stuff got compiled into the
openbsd version in 0.10.  If you are working with the
source, you could try building two flacs on linux, one
normally and one configured with
--disable-asm-optimizations and see if the behavior is

But a sample for download of a track that fails would
really help.


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