[Flac-dev] ERROR: mismatch in decoded data, verify FAILED!

Matt Zimmerman mdz at debian.org
Sun Jun 24 14:48:04 PDT 2001

On Sun, Jun 24, 2001 at 02:30:56PM -0700, Josh Coalson wrote:

> > This error appeared in the other report as well.  It looks like a memory
> > allocation failure is the cause of the problem. 
> There have been reports of -9 using huge amounts of memory.  -9 is really
> theoretical, but people always seem to want to try the max setting.  Anyway,
> that's not an excuse but figuring out why -9 is using so much memory is lower
> on my list than other stuff.  -8 should get within 0.01% of -9 and is pretty
> reliable.
> If you're getting this error without -9, then there is a more serious
> problem.  If flac 0.10 works on openbsd then my hunch is that there is an
> arithmetic overflow in one of the assembly routines in the decoder, since I
> don't think the assembly stuff got compiled into the openbsd version in 0.10.
> If you are working with the source, you could try building two flacs on
> linux, one normally and one configured with --disable-asm-optimizations and
> see if the behavior is different.

I just encoded several CDs worth of data with the default flags, and was unable
to reproduce this error (Debian/i386).  I hadn't noticed that -9 was being
used.  I'll play around with -9 and see if I can find anything.

 - mdz

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