[Flac-dev] ERROR: mismatch in decoded data, verify FAILED!

Matt Zimmerman mdz at debian.org
Sun Jun 24 12:23:45 PDT 2001

On Sun, Jun 24, 2001 at 07:45:56PM +0200, kai at adminhell.org wrote:

> I also had this verify error encoding a wav I ripped from a CD. I didn't
> report this as it happended on flac running on debian linux -current unstable.
> This error happened only with one track of a CD I was ripping.
> Another reason for me not reporting this was, that flac 1.0 running on OpenBSD
> 2.9 encoded the wav with no error.. maybe this is linux-specific.
> Now this is how it looked..
> --snip--
> [...]
> ERROR: mismatch in decoded data, verify FAILED!
> [...]

This error appeared in the other report as well.  It looks like a memory
allocation failure is the cause of the problem.  Is the error easily
reproducible given the failed WAV file?  Can you try trimming down the WAV file
(e.g., with a program like xwave) until you have the smallest chunk which
still triggers the failure?

If you can make the WAV file (or a portion of it that exhibits the problem)
available, that would be a great help.  Note that there should not be any
copyright issues associated with sending a small sample of a song.

 - mdz

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