[Flac-dev] ERROR: mismatch in decoded data, verify FAILED!

kai at adminhell.org kai at adminhell.org
Sun Jun 24 10:45:56 PDT 2001

On 24-Jun-2001 Josh Coalson wrote:
> hmm, I didn't see a bug report yet... can you make the .wav file
> available for download?  also, what version and options did you
> use?  this is interesting; I haven't seen a verify error in a
> long time.
> Josh

I also had this verify error encoding a wav I ripped from a CD. I didn't
report this as it happended on flac running on debian linux -current unstable.
This error happened only with one track of a CD I was ripping.

Another reason for me not reporting this was, that flac 1.0 running on OpenBSD
2.9 encoded the wav with no error.. maybe this is linux-specific.

Now this is how it looked..


kai at jukebox:~/mp3/Tangerine_Dream/Ambient_Monkeys$ flac -8 -V Tangerine_Dream--Ambient_Monkeys-05.Riddle_of_

flac 0.10, Copyright (C) 2000,2001 Josh Coalson
flac comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.  This is free software, and you are
welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions.  Type `flac' for details.

options: -P 0 -b 4608 -m -l 12 -e -q 0 -r 0,6 -R 0 -V
60.26% complete: frame 1280, wrote 16135014 bytes (5902848/9794904 samples), r=0.683
ERROR: mismatch in decoded data, verify FAILED!
       Please submit a bug report to
       Make sure to include an email contact in the comment and/or use the
       "Monitor" feature to monitor the bug status.

Tangerine_Dream--Ambient_Monkeys-05.Riddle_of_the_Monkey_Tribe.wav: Verify FAILED! (FLAC__VERIFY_FAILED_IN_F
RAME)  Do not trust Tangerine_Dream--Ambient_Monkeys-05.Riddle_of_the_Monkey_Tribe.flac
kai at jukebox:~/mp3/Tangerine_Dream/Ambient_Monkeys$ 


Hope this helps.


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