[Flac-dev] ERROR: mismatch in decoded data, verify FAILED!

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 24 10:36:37 PDT 2001

hmm, I didn't see a bug report yet... can you make the .wav file
available for download?  also, what version and options did you
use?  this is interesting; I haven't seen a verify error in a
long time.


> I tried several times to encode a wav file with the -V option. Every 
> time FLAC died and printed:
> 27.34% complete: frame 16256, wrote 149020170 bytes
> (74912256/273992119 
> samples), r=0.497
> ERROR: mismatch in decoded data, verify FAILED!
>        Please submit a bug report to
>            http://sourceforge.net/bugs/?func=addbug&group_id=13478
>        Make sure to include an email contact in the comment and/or
> use 
> the
>        "Monitor" feature to monitor the bug status.
> ERROR during encoding, state =
> LoudandClear16.wav: Verify FAILED! (FLAC__VERIFY_FAILED_IN_FRAME)  Do
> not trust LoudandClear16.flac

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