[Flac-dev] rpm building

Andrey Astafiev andrei at tvcell.ru
Wed Jun 13 22:42:15 PDT 2001

i've tried to make rpm package of flac 0.10, but compilation
fails near start, 'cause compilator couldn't find .h files
in libFLAC directory, when it tries to build this library.
generated makefile in this directory contains "-I.$(srcdir)"
in compilator options, though it should be "-I.$(includedir)"
strange, but ./configure; make; make install
running from flac-0.10 directory works fine,
'cause option "-I./include" is passed to compilator.

i don't understand anything in automake/autoconf/libtool,
so could someone fix it or help me to solve this problem?

Josh, could you make an option for ID3V2 padding till 1.0?

> Yes, currently you need XMMS >= 0.9 installed to
> generate configure.  But I believe that if you just
> delete the AM_PATH_XMMS line in configure.in it will
> work for you (but won't build the XMMS plugin).

i have XMMS 1.24 installed but configure script
can't find it on my machine too, i'll try find reason.

does anybody know players for windows/linux that supports continous
output? continous output plugins for winamp2 aren't fine.

ICQ: 111725051

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