[Flac-dev] Re: Header Ideas

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 13 14:37:56 PDT 2001

digging into an old thread here...

> >> Audio length in time
> >>
> >> When encoding, a check to
> >see if audio is cut on a  sector
> >boundary
> >> (very important for
> >people who will use this data
> >for decompressing and
> >> burning to CD-R). This field
> >would be either a Y or  N
> >probably.
> >>
> >all these you can calculate
> >from the ENCODING block.
> Right.  Another thought I had, was the option, if the audio track is
not cut
> on a sector boundary, the ability for the software to "fix" this by
> the samples from the next track and appending it to the end of the
> track.  Etree.org created such a program, called SHNtool, to do just
> Having this functionality built into FLAC would be a fantastic leg-up
> the etree geeks, and something to really win them over.
wow, looks like SHNtool has FLAC support already...


Mike, you probably knew that already!(?)  which maybe was why
you were asking for just the sector boundary detection feature.

anyway, let me know how you guys detect, if it's just as simple
as aligning on 588 samples or something more complicated.


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