[Flac-dev] libFLAC changes

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 13 14:05:49 PDT 2001

> Any thoughts to perhaps integrating a quick sector-boundary check of
> wav file before encoding?  Does this functionality extend beyond the
> of FLAC?  A quick check, and a "this wav file is not cut on a sector
> boundary, continue y/n" warning would do the trick.  Perhaps, an
> option to
> silence this check would be useful also.
it's easy to implement but it's not really a 'flac thing'... I
am assuming you just mean to check if wav file sample MOD 588 = 0?
(588 = 44100 / 75 sectors per second).  maybe a separate tiny
utility for checking it...

> Let me know if anyone needs info on the sector boundary issue, and
> why it
> is so important in CD audio.
I'm curious actually

> If there is any interest, I'll get going on some win98/NT batch files
> for
> DOS, and perhaps an auto-installer with registry keys.
that would be cool.


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