[Flac-dev] Sector Boundaries (was: libFLAC changes)

Mike Wren mikew at etree.org
Wed Jun 13 14:50:20 PDT 2001

http://etree.org/faq_seed.html#8 is the best info on sector boundary stuff I
can find at the moment.  It's not much, but it's the basic info.

If anyone can dig up anything better, please pass it along, and I'll add it
to the etree FAQ.


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> Any thoughts to perhaps integrating a quick sector-boundary check of
> wav file before encoding?  Does this functionality extend beyond the
> of FLAC?  A quick check, and a "this wav file is not cut on a sector
> boundary, continue y/n" warning would do the trick.  Perhaps, an
> option to
> silence this check would be useful also.
it's easy to implement but it's not really a 'flac thing'... I
am assuming you just mean to check if wav file sample MOD 588 = 0?
(588 = 44100 / 75 sectors per second).  maybe a separate tiny
utility for checking it...

> Let me know if anyone needs info on the sector boundary issue, and
> why it
> is so important in CD audio.
I'm curious actually

> If there is any interest, I'll get going on some win98/NT batch files
> for
> DOS, and perhaps an auto-installer with registry keys.
that would be cool.


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