[Flac-dev] 0.10 almost ready

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 4 14:07:15 PDT 2001

OK, I'm pretty satisfied with the code for 0.10 so I've been
updating the documentation.  The new comparison page is done
and checked in.  It has the latest numbers for flac 0.10 and
also shorten 3.2 (was 2.3a).  The compression ratios are about
the same but the encoder is much faster.  flac -1 beats
shorten on size and speed.  flac -3 is much better than shorten
at the same speed, and the default mode of flac is down to 13.5
minutes from 18.5.  Thanks to Miroslav for contributing several
assembly routines.

I think at this point, unless you are a windows-only person that
doesn't mind closed source, FLAC should be the lossless format
of choice.

I should have the distro done this week (one more tweak and it
will be independent of gnumake).  Thanks to everyone who
contributed to the make system.


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