[Flac-dev] 0.10 almost ready

Josh Green jgreen at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Jun 6 01:24:27 PDT 2001

Josh Coalson wrote:
> OK, I'm pretty satisfied with the code for 0.10 so I've been
> updating the documentation.  The new comparison page is done
> and checked in.  It has the latest numbers for flac 0.10 and
> also shorten 3.2 (was 2.3a).  The compression ratios are about
> the same but the encoder is much faster.  flac -1 beats
> shorten on size and speed.  flac -3 is much better than shorten
> at the same speed, and the default mode of flac is down to 13.5
> minutes from 18.5.  Thanks to Miroslav for contributing several
> assembly routines.
> I think at this point, unless you are a windows-only person that
> doesn't mind closed source, FLAC should be the lossless format
> of choice.
> I should have the distro done this week (one more tweak and it
> will be independent of gnumake).  Thanks to everyone who
> contributed to the make system.
> Josh

Sounds awesome! I'll admit I haven't tried it lately. I will give it a
go sometime again :) Nice work ya'll. Lates..	
	Josh Green

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