[advocacy] Interview with Jack Moffitt

Moritz Grimm gtgbr
Tue May 21 08:07:03 PDT 2002

Daniel James wrote:
> >  This is all _encoding side_, so yes, only newly encoded streams
> > will reap the benefit of this.
> I guess the point of calling something 1.0 is that it fixes the
> format. So, is it safe to say that all files made with a 1.0 encoder
> or greater will play on a 1.0 decoder?

The decoding is officially fixed since RC1. RC1 was supposed to play
every future Ogg Vorbis file - because of that bug, 1.0rc2 is the one
actually being able to play everything. What you're asking for has
happened ~9 months ago already. :)

The RCs were introduced when the format got frozen. The final release
will then have all features implemented and bugfixed. Supporting tools
that let us actually use the features will then come after 1.0


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