[advocacy] Open/Free/Personal music licenses

Bacchus Thirteen bacchus_t at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 22 02:51:00 PST 2001

--- Daniel James <daniel at mondodesigno.com> wrote:

No, Daniel, you seem to have missed all points of
mine.  I once wrote that I was not counter-arguing you
and I am not interested in propaganda and
counter-propaganda here.

We know every thing cannot be black and white.  A
thing must have advantages and disadvantages, which
are decided by our interests.

Therefore, the important thing for us is to decide
what is our priorities and gather necessary
information according to achieve the priority. 
Yes...kind of good old pragmatist argument.  It's
cheap but don't we want what we want to do?

To achieve this purpose, we need to provide musicians
well-sorted and understandable explanations on pros
and cons of releasing their music on the net
especially on the licenses.

Therefore, the most important part of my previous mail
on this topic was:

'Could you show us the list of useful information on
the net' on licenses for musicians?

> If SSSCA passes, will the Ogg Vorbis developers add
> proprietary
> rights management systems to the format?

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