[advocacy] Re: interest in ogg

Casey Allen Shobe cshobe at softhome.net
Mon Dec 3 05:55:09 PST 2001

On 3 December 2001 6:15, Daniel James spaketh unto ye recipient:
> > Do you think the ogg will become as well known as the mp3?

I hope so.  I have more enthusiasm for Vorbis & Tarkin than I ever did for 
MP3.  I can't wait until there's a handheld device for Oggs, I'll be the 
first in line at the door the day they come out :).

I've been spreading the word around and demonstrating here at work, and 
people seem to agree that Vorbis is pretty nifty.  Just needs some more 
universal support (Vorbis CD support in their cars, DVD player, etc.).

Casey Allen Shobe
cshobe at softhome.net
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