[Vorbis] vorbis-tools 1.4.0

dos386 dos386 at gmail.com
Wed May 12 18:23:35 PDT 2010

More tests:

Binaries seem to work.

> OPTIMFROG and SHORTEN files. You MUST ensure that the appropriate
> encoder/decoder (i.e., flac.exe, etc) is in the same dir/folder as
> oggenc2.exe, or is in the defined path.

This is wrong, FLAC decoder seems to be included in OGGENC2, so
FLAC.EXE is NOT needed to transcode from FLAC to Vorbis.

What remains is the broken binary from 2 years ago (no answer nor deletion).
Considering all the "OGG doesn't work" complaints around, is it necessary to
keep this broken stuff for centuries ???

And the other problem - bloat. The "unofficial" working binary from 2 years ago
is 1.4 MiB. The newest one is 3.3 MiB. All other notable audio codecs (WAVPACK,
FLAC, TAK, MP5) are < 1/2 MiB for compression + decompression together.
Also Theora codec doesn't suffer from bloat. Some clarification about this
would be appreciated.

I looked into the binaries, code + 2 KiB (nope), relocs + 24 KiB (nope),
resources + few Bytes (nope), file alignment 4 KiB -> 512 B (down),
... and one of the data sections grew to 2.9 MiB (???).

Also there is absolutely no documentation included with the binaries.

I'm aware that they are "not official" ... still posting here for now
... should I
create a "Bug" about deletion of broken stuff ???

~~~ wow ~~~

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