[Vorbis] regarding vorbis tool

Dileep drdileep12 at gmail.com
Fri May 30 04:33:27 PDT 2008

      i am trying to load vorbis tool on to my arm board EDB9302 , till now
i have cross compiled libao, libogg, libvorbis, flac, speex and vorbis tool.
when i run the command line arm-linux-ogg123 with some sample ogg format
file on my arm board it gave *"Could not load default driver and no driver
specified in config file : Exiting"* , please help me to over come this
     1) plz specify if any file has been left out..
     2) what file tremor is ?? & how can this help me in this regard, as i
have not cross compiled it...
     3) is there any setting we have to do with libao while cross compiling
as it sets the default driver...
         ARM EDB9302 supports ALSA....
                                                             Waiting for
your reply.......
Thanks & regards
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