[Vorbis] Random Writes

Greycode lists at greycode.ca
Sun May 25 13:27:13 PDT 2008

Or if that isn't possible perhaps using several separate ogg streams, 
sequentially ordered within the file. Each one being the unit sub-sound 
length being generated (in a non-sequential manner) by the application? 
That would mean having to random write ogg streams rather than 
individual ogg vorbis packets, is that possible? Will normal players 
(like windows media player) play all of sequential ogg vorbis streams; 
without interruption?


Greycode wrote:
> Hi,
> It is possible to do random writes into an ogg vorbis bitstream? If so, 
> how would I do that with libvorbis/vorbisenc?
> Tyler
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