[Vorbis] Vorbis at first place in "Public, Multiformat Listening Test @ 128 kbps"

Tor-Einar Jarnbjo Tor-Einar at Jarnbjo.de
Tue Jan 17 07:23:28 PST 2006

Fabio Pedretti schrieb:

>What's wrong in my statement? I have only reported the summary of the test, I haven't falsified nothing. I also have linked the full results so anyone can judge.
The relevant summary of the test is that all codecs (except Shine) 
perform similarly well at ~128kbps and are very close to transparent 
encoding. I didn't see any of this mentioned in your first message.

>Have you read the thread on HA.org? They explain why they have chosed that bitrate. Also there were from 18 to 30 testers per sample, with a total of 18 samples.
They don't really explain why they've _chosen_ different bitrates. I 
haven't read the entire discussion, but their explanation seem to be the 
difficulty of using VBR quality settings and obtain comparable bit 
rates. That is an explanation why they were not _able_ to use same bit 
rates and not an explanation why they _chose_ to use different bit 
rates. It is of course not reasonable to compare perentual differences 
in the quality score and the sample bit rates, but considering that the 
Vorbis encoder scored only 1% better than iTunes' AAC encoder and 2% 
better than WMA, the 7-8% bit rate difference may very well have impact 
on the strict (and irrelevant) result order.


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