Re: [Vorbis] Vorbis at first place in "Public, Multiformat Listening Test @ 128 kbps"

Fabio Pedretti fabio.ped at
Tue Jan 17 06:14:18 PST 2006

> You have to falsify the statistics a lot to get to such a definite
> conclusion.

What's wrong in my statement? I have only reported the summary of the test, I haven't falsified nothing. I also have linked the full results so anyone can judge.

> The results barely differ, there were not too many testers
> participating and for some odd reason, the Vorbis files were having an
> average 8% higher bandwidth than the files used to test WMA and iTunes
> AAC. Alone the bandwidth difference is IMHO enough to doubt the
> significance of the test results, but even the testers themselfes come

Have you read the thread on They explain why they have chosed that bitrate. Also there were from 18 to 30 testers per sample, with a total of 18 samples.

> to the conclusion that "all encoders are tied on first place, except
> Shine which of course comes out last.".

Well, so also Vorbis come on the first place :)

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