[Vorbis] high bitrate quality?

Scott lists at sidewalking.net
Mon Jan 9 18:35:21 PST 2006

Hi all,

I used vorbis several years ago because of its freeness and VBR, but 
after playing ha.org and getting an mp3-capable discman, I switched to 
APS and API mp3 encoding.

Now, I am liking musepack a lot, but the flexibility is more "there" for 
the vorbis format, including players, tagging comments (lyrics in the 
comments - killer idea!), etc....

However, I am a bit worried about everything I see on 
testing/tuning/optimizing for higher bitrate encoding.  I am wanting to 
do lossy archiving at a q7 level, and my music tastes range all over the 
place but get as dynamic as hard-techno-industrial stuff.  Will vorbis 
let me down with music like this at a 220-300 kbps level?

Sorry if this has been beat to death elsewhere - I searched on 
hydrogenaudio and googled a bit and everything points to vorbis being 
optimized for lower ranges than what I am looking at.

Many thanks,


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