[Vorbis] Ogg Vorbis on DSP platform?

Gerold Schrutz G.Schrutz at idsa.de
Thu Jul 28 01:10:47 PDT 2005


I'd like to develop a codec for the Ogg Vorbis algorithm on a DSP
(controller?) hardware platform.

We've got 2 (3) main applications:
1) the codec should be used for 2 channel simultaneous message
recording/playback on flash EPROM.
2) the codec should be used for streaming audio over IP or Ethernet/intranet
3) for large system, the PC should serve as a storing device

We are looking for soft- and hardware, we can integrate into our system. Our
system has got a coldfire controller running Linux. On a system bus we are
able to plug in different module like DSP's, ADC's, DAC's, other controllers

Here are some questions:
* What resources do I need in terms of DSP-Power, internal/external memory,
* do I get the source code? (I need to adapt it to my application)
* Are there codecs only for single channels? (I need two independent audio
* How about streaming software?

Thanks a lot for your answer.

G. Schrutz

Ing.-Büro für dig. Signalverarbeitung
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