[Vorbis] Re: Indices and totals

Mark Doll doll at tm.uka.de
Mon Jul 11 14:54:43 PDT 2005

Hi Alex!

Alex Mauer wrote:
> Speaking of indexes, do you happen to know of any software
> players/rippers that can handle them?  Or any CD burning software that
> can create/work with these?

EAC (http://exactaudiocopy.de/, Windows only) can read out indices and 
can create appropriate cuesheets. And EAC should be able to burn indices 
according to those self-created cuesheets (never tried it, though). I 
personally use EAC only for ripping. It supports ripping a track into 
the several parts based on indices (Alt-X/Alt-Shift-X) but the current 
support is somehow limited: no CRC check, no automatic tagging, only 
automatic naming of the created files (i.e. 06.02 Track Title). Since 
it's closed source I've asked Andre (the author of EAC) about his 
opinion about improving the index support, but until now I havn't got an 
answer from him. So currently I keep on manually adding the index tag 
according to the file name.

For playback I use the Slimserver (http://slimdevices.com/, 
Perl/Multiplatform). Since this is open source, I've done a very 
rudimentary support for indices 
(http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1749). The current status 
of this "bug" is "for future enhancement", so I thought, now is the 
right time to check if there's somebody else out there who might be 
interested in this feature, too. If not, no problem, I will keep on 
maintaining my personal patch and won't care anymore.


P.S.: If index support is of greater interest: The second piece of 
software I personally use and that I'd like to add index support to is 
amaroK (http://amarok.kde.org/).
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