[Vorbis] java vorbis encoder example or API needed

Venkata Sripada vsripada at csnet.cs.odu.edu
Thu Nov 4 21:23:48 PST 2004

I've realized that there is no java api for encoding into vorbis. We got decoding one tough(Vorbis SPI).
Currently we got Java Prgm to capture sound from mic and "encoder_example.c" that would take byte stream and encode it into ogg format.So, right now we are in the process of using JNI for calling the C routines using Java.
The main aim is to transfer this data over Darwin Streaming Server(DSS), since DSS accepts only RTP data, we want to create RTP packets. We already a have Java program that does that, I mean it takes byte stream as input and converts(adds RTP header) them into RTP packets.
What I would like to know is there something else to be kept in RTP header or will this method work ?
Did anyone ever try to do this kind of thing ?


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I'm currently involved in a project where in we need to record the audio from a mic encode with vorbis, then put it in Ogg container, and then make it as RTP packet and transmit over Darwin Streaming Server.
Till now we were using JMF with available codec's, since JMF handles the RTP part life was pretty much easy using it. Now we want to use Ogg Vorbis because of its adv's.
So in the process my first step would be to capture audio and compress it with vorbis. My search for the appropriate API was not successful as I could only find Decoder in Java but not the encoders.
I've downloaded the libvorbis and libogg but the code examples were in "C" language. 
Are there any resources in Java(API,examples) which would do help me in achieving this.
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