[vorbis] mailing list problems?

Greg Wooledge greg at wooledge.org
Thu Jun 26 15:44:49 PDT 2003

Graham Mitchell (graham at grahammitchell.com) wrote:

> > Seems like 'nizar_lethif at coolgoose.com' is a subscribe to this mailing
> > list and his mailbox store has reached the quota. That's all...
> Okay, that makes sense.  Looks like the mailserver at coolgoose was sending 
> "mailbox full" messages to the address in the "From" line, and ignoring the 
> "Sender:" and "Reply-To:" headers.

All three of those would be wrong.  The coolgoose.com server is
supposed to be sending bounce messages to the SMTP envelope sender
address, which is set to "owner-vorbis at xiph.org" on all the messages
handled by the mailing list.  If the mailing list software is
sufficiently clever, it would be able to figure out which subscriber
is having the problem, and automatically unsubscribe him.  Since
this list isn't using anything like ezmlm's VERP, I doubt it's clever
enough, but a human could probably intervene.

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