[vorbis] Compression Artifacts at -q 5. Help!

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Sun Jun 15 18:29:58 PDT 2003

> Sure, nobody can predict what bugs will be in the next round of hardware
> of compilers, but we do know what problems exist in previous round. So
> when an existing/old compiler is known to be flaky, isn't it prudent
> to do the same?  Do a basic check for compiler version, and if it's a
> *specific* version that is known to be a problem, then warn the user in
> big bold letters.

The problem is more complex than that - figuring out exactly which 
compilers/versions are broken, and on what platforms, and with what options, 
is quite difficult. Actually, doing anything at all with autoconf is 
difficult, but this is more difficult than most :-)

If you want to contribute checks for "known-bad" sets of 
compiler/platform/options/etc., we'd happily add them - but it's a lot of 
work for pretty minimal (these days - _most_ people who compile their own 
software have more recent development tools) gain.

> I'm not a fan of generalised "gcc3 and above only" though.
> As a side thought - it's the complex floating point that causes problems,
> right? ...How does the integer encoder (tremor?) do on the old buggy gcc?

Tremor's a decoder, not an encoder.


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