[vorbis] Buying Vorbis Music

Daniel Schregenberger npfdd at gmx.net
Thu Jun 5 14:26:01 PDT 2003

 ('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is)
xdfisl wrote:

> > (don't know the exact english word, in Germany it's the
> > GEMA, in Switzerland the SUISA) which will pay the artists some money
> Sounds like you mean the RIAA (I could be wrong).

I don't think so. There are no Record Labels involved in what I mean.
The GEMA & the SUISA are just national instances organizing the compensation of
the copyrights.
As I said: normaly this applies to radios and maybe libraries. They pay a fixed
sum and the GEMA spreads it to whom it belongs (the ones that have been played
on the radio).

> > but for me the prices are too low to be legal (an entire album
> > at q6 is normally under 1$!!).
> It is funny to think that this amount is probably more than they
> actually get for a legitimate record sale.

yeah, but this is what I pay...the artists will get much less, since the
allofmp3.com wants to earn money too.

-- Daniel

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