[vorbis] Question for Game Audio Developers?

Dave Mercier dave_mercier at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 14 17:41:14 PDT 2002

>>Can a stereo, or mono, ogg encoded file be looped without the  >>delay/pop 
>>get when doing so to an MP3 file?

Though I've never tried myself, I'm sure Ogg's could be looped without gaps. 
Ogg supports no-gap encoding of back to back tracks (for live albums). Given 
this looping isn't much different than playing the same song back to back. 
What I am not sure of is how well Ogg would handle looping of a section 
within an Ogg file (since I think I remember reading seamless playback was 
accomplished by fixing up the ends of the encoded file?). At any rate the 
complete Ogg file should loop no problem.

PS - It's not that hard to loop an MP3 file as long as you know what delay 
the encoder inserts (which could be hard unless you encode them yourself), 
and the loop point is at a zero crossing. If you are encoding yourself it's 
really not that hard to solve all looping issues if you embed enough of the 
right data in your quasi-MP3 file.

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