[vorbis] Problems with encodeing

Jared Anderson jared at ieee.org
Sun Nov 17 16:41:38 PST 2002

* Chris <cl at enposte.net> [2002-11-18 10:37]:
> Heya
> thanks, that was the problem. some crazy windows service was useing 99% 
> CPU at random times thou it took long enough to track down what it was, 
> let alone why it does it. Disableing all windows servies i wasn't useing 
> fixed it. I never thought of that due to this being a newly installed 
> win2k box with nothing else but oggenc and EAC running on it, How i hate 
> windows=/ If only EAC had a linux port!

<p>  I've found the best ripping software to be abcde, it runs on linux as
  a frontend to some cddb tools, cdparanoia (another great xiph piece of
  software) and oggenc.  I much prefer it to EAC or CDex.

> Chris
> Alex Iribarren wrote:
> >Hello Chris,
> >
> >Sunday, November 17, 2002, 6:07:14 AM, you wrote:
> >

[snip - stuff about broken things]
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