[vorbis] [fwd] KISS DVD player with Vorbis Support (from: jsab@member.fsf.org)

Monty webmaster at xiph.org
Sun Dec 29 13:25:34 PST 2002

Interesting bit of news this.  Anyone able to independently confirm it?


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Delivery-Date: Sun Dec 29 02:11:47 2002
From: "Jesse S. A. Bridgewater" <jsab at member.fsf.org>
To: webmaster at xiph.org
Subject: KISS DVD player with Vorbis Support

Hi There,

You probably know already, but I did not see it as news on your website
so I figured I would write you.  KISS Technologies just released a
firmware update for their DP-450 DVD player that allows it to play
Vorbis files.

Here is a link.


They have a flash page so you have to navigate around, but there
is information about it although it is not emphasized at all.

Thanks for bringing us Vorbis.

Jesse S.A. Bridgewater

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