[vorbis] portable player

HJ inzanekaoz at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 27 10:11:18 PST 2002

Instead of commenting on the i18n bit, I may as well say what I know
about portables:

A) There have been a few small Rev3 (I'm not gonna explain that
abbreviation) projects that have come and gone, most highly
experimental.  Last time I looked one of them was still trying to
get the 'Play' button to work again and needed to fix a crash when
pressing the 'next song' button or somesuch.  I could be wrong, as
it's been about 6 months or so, but I don't think you can reliably
use a 3rd-party flash of your player's BIOS.  It'll probably void
your warranty anyway.

B) Outdated, but still may give you a glimpse into what is/isn't
happenning, though I think a fair number of these listed items are
expired/reconsidered/retracted by various companies.  At the very
least you can send e-mails and add your request to the stack of
things.  http://www.xiph.org/ogg/vorbis/hardware.html

<p>C) NeurosAudio.com ..

It isn't SUPER-flashy, it isn't the cheapest, and it's imperfect,
but if they're the first to ship confirmed with Ogg/Vorbis support
(even if I have to boot Windows to get music into the thing) they
will be the /first/ company to have a LOT of people's money.  This
is, by far, the /most/ promising portable audio player to date ...
but it's still uncertain.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Hopefully
someone will have a clue and have something real, solid, tangible by

The topic on their forum is a little old, but you may wanna say
something anyway if the product looks good enough that you may wanna
get one.


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