[vorbis] YA-2496

Michel Donais ogg at micheldonais.com
Sun Dec 29 22:48:13 PST 2002

Hi. I've been browsing the archive on this topic and only found a few 
notes, all dating from a year ago (almost too precisely :) ) -- hope I 
haven't skipped the mails on that matter, sorry if I did.

<p>Basically, I will get in the next few months a MOTU 896, that have 8 
i/os in 24/96. I do pro sound recording, so it's more or less my 
business to have such a piece.

Of course, everyone knows the files will be huge, at least uncompressed 
(3x the size of a conventional CD, and that's for stereo). I'll remix 
in full quality. But once I have finished a track, I am look ing for a 
way to archive all the source files without a lot of loss. I'd be 
willing to live up with some degradation, I would more or less compress 
the files to the point where they can fit on a CD, so it'd mean 2-8x 
compression of mono/stereo files. That would still be much better than 
any standard CD so I'd be happy with the result.

Here comes ogg format. Other than enabling a 24bit-integer format and 
adding 88.2/96KHz formats to the supported list, what is missing? If I 
read well the 24/96 post of last year, there were mentions of checking 
the result quality of the compression & tweaking the compression 
parameters. I'd be more than willing to do that, once I get my hardware 

My other possibility is to use DVD-Audio format and put that on a CD... 
but I'd prefer a open source system over anything else.

<p>On subnote, the fabulous HD192 (still by MOTU) just came on the 
marketplace. I have no requirement for 192KHz nor grade-A 120db dynamic 
range... even if it is tempting  :P But it's good to make my point 
anyways: with the release of "affordable" gear that can do better than 
DAT, I guess it would be the time Ogg starts to look on higher 
resolution than what has been available for the last 15 years on 

<p>Have a nice day

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