[vorbis] Re: Re: fitting lots of music into 10GB with Vorbis

Martin Blackwell djdij at handbags.freeserve.co.uk
Sun Dec 29 01:40:37 PST 2002

> PS, because i am very bored (my usual excuse for doing something seemingly
> pointless) i am writing a teeny javascript thing that tells people how
> time can be fitted into a certain amount of space by a specified quality.

An algebraic formula to calculate the bitrate from the quality would be

at the moment, the formula " bitrate = 64 + (16 * n)" kinda works from n = 0
to n = 4.09
        where n is the quality, and bitrate is the nominal bitrate in kbps.

this is going off the values entered for the quality in OggDropXpd1.6 beta

omeone who actually knows the way the vorbis encoder calculates the nominal
bitrate would probably find the correct algebraic formula quicker than i

the above formula took my a few minutes to figure out- working from q0's
64kbps as a constant.

PS by entering values below q-1 into OggDropXpd 1.6 beta 13, the nominal
bitrate goes down to 30kbps - is that supposed to happen?
How it happend:
1) entered a value below q-1, eg q-10
2) GUI displays nominal bitrate as being -126kbit/s
3) dropping a wave file (my bog standard test file of "The Microsoft
Sound.wav" emphasis on bog standard. hehe ) immediatly changes the displayed
nominal bitrate to 30kbit/s
4) Going into encoding options then clicking accept returns the displayed
nominal bitrate to that of q-1, 45kbit/s

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