[vorbis] had a thought on peeling last night

Martin Blackwell djdij at handbags.freeserve.co.uk
Sat Dec 21 02:35:46 PST 2002

I was up late last night, and i had a thought on peeling that would probably provide 100% accurate peeling data to a decoder, but take a maximum of 1101 times normal time to encode (taking into account the range from q-1 to q10 ).

ay you want to encode a track at q10, but you want it to be peelable.
the 1101 encoder would encode from the source at every quantifiable level (since there are 2 decimal points of quality in at least oggdrop, giving 100 quantifiable levels per integer level of quality, giving 1001 from q0 to q10, and an extra 100 for q-1 to q-0.01).
the 1101 encoder would then compare the resulting files (assuming that they are all from an identical source) and basically say "all those bits of data not in q9.99 to q-1 belong to q10" and keeping going through things like "all those bits of data not in q10 to q5.54 and q5.52 to q-1 belong to q5.53" all the way down to "all those bits of data not in q10 to q-0.99 belong to q-1".
eventually i'm guessing you would end up with a vorbis file with all the quantifiable samples & bits of data marked for peeling, making the job theoretically much easier & muich more accurate even with peelable streaming.

I didn't think it much further than that, cos i'm not a programming genius like everyone else on here, i just think a lot.

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