[vorbis] Re: Winamp support at last!

Stefan Bender oraqhf at gmx.net
Mon Apr 29 14:29:07 PDT 2002


Kenneth Arnold wrote on 2002-04-27 20:49:43:


> While on the subject, here's the display format I hacked together
> earlier today:
> [%artist%-][%album%-][$num(%tracknumber%,2)-]$if(%title%,%title%,%filename%)
> Now if only we could duplicate this functionality in xmms ...

Sometime ago I wrote a patch for xmms to do things like this, maybe
somehow less comfortable. '[' are not treated special, so you'd have
to use something like
and so on.

However check out:
(its a link to xmms-cvs_vorbistitle-<date>.diff.gz with <date>
beeing the cvs snapshot I used, but it should work for 1.2.7) and
tell me if it's at least a little bit of use for you. :)
Also try
for a better and longer usage explanation.

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