[vorbis] Tag Proposal -> Tag Standard

Moritz Grimm gtgbr at gmx.net
Fri Apr 26 04:37:21 PDT 2002

David Gasaway wrote:
> Again, that's fine for personal use.  I'm talking about building a
> community.  I cannot necessarily understand what someone else has put
> into tags.  It's bad enough with "ARTIST" (which I've come to accept).
> If someone uses "MUSIC_DUDE", then I've really got a problem.

a) This is fiction. Be happy if you get .ogg files that contain tags at
b) Who cares? You look at and search for tag contents, who cares how
they're labelled? If you see MUSIC_DUDE, you know two important things:
Who was the music dude that made this thing, and the person who encoded
and tagged the file is a bit weird.

> That's a fallacy.  ID3 is a model example of simplicity.  It is not
> flexible or powerful.  The Standard is a model example of flexibility.

ID3v1's problem is not the simplicity but it's restrictiveness.
Restrictions is what you imported into the proposal ... sounds like
ID3v3 to me.


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