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Ben Pearre bwpearre at mit.edu
Tue Apr 9 18:08:17 PDT 2002

On Tue, Apr 09, 2002 at 05:27:07PM -0700, David Gasaway wrote:
> Ben Pearre wrote:
> >Ok, technically I agree with this.  In practice, although this isn't
> >as elegant, it basically solves the original problem.
> Please explain.  I've worn myself out on this discussion, so I need a 
> little more input to reach critical mass. :)

Yeah, me too...  sorry, my paragraph that you quoted above should have
been taken out and shot.  What I meant was:

I agree with your assessment that a separate tag is more elegant than
folding two pieces of information into the same tag and introducing
parsing rules.  However, it appears that the current PART syntax
basically solves the problem with which I was concerned, and:

Someone (Jonathan?) was concerned that PARTNUMBER wouldn't make sense
if there were multiple PART tags.  Fair enough.  The best I could come
up with is that when there are multiple PART tags within one file, the
play order is defined by virtue of being in a file!  So PARTNUMBER
would be unnecessary, and if necessary (parts 1 and 2 in one file,
parts 3 and 4 in another, say), could be either the number of the
first PART, a (comma-separated?) list of the parts, or some arbitrary
number, as long as it ensures correct ordering.  This still doesn't
make it clear which part goes with which partnumber, but it would
allow you to hear the parts in the right order.  So PARTNUMBER is
significantly more elegant for one PART/file, and less elegant for
multiPART files.  *sigh*

Or move PART from the multiple-section to the singleton-section, and
define that when there are multiple parts, they be separated by some
character (semicolon?  not slash!).  But that gets at least as ugly
for multiPART files as PART/PARTNUMBER.

Finally I understand why XML streams make more sense - heirarchy!

G'nite :)

bwpearre at alumni.princeton.edu                http://hebb.mit.edu/~ben

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